Digital Presence – KA210 Small Scale Partnership


  • To enable to use of innovative methods and techniques in online learning environments of youth workers working in institutions and organizations by introducing collaborative methods and using these tools more, enabling peer learning
  • To increase the quality of online training of institutions and organizations
  • To upbring the young people who keep their dynamics alive, learn to learn, question and criticize
  • To provide these social gains and effective communication in the digital environment.


  • Stowarzyszenie Centrum Technologii Informacyjnych e-Misja – Poland (C)
  • Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Mersin Valiligi – Turkey
  • ITC Edustem – Romania
  • Associazione E.In.E. – Italy


  • LTT in Poland: to introduce digital e-learning platforms; online activities with youth workers
  • LTT in Italy: Non-formal techniques that can be used in online activities
  • Dissemination activities: Internal / external dissemination activities

Project End Date: 04.07.2023

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